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Our company is dedicated since 1983 to the marketing of a wide range of products for children. Our main products are sweets, toys candy, chocolate eggs, small toys, balloons, party bags and a variety of casual and seasonal products.

We specialize in wholesale candy, toys, candy … so here you will find the best prices for Spain. Besides our transportation it is fast and efficient: you will have your order just 24 hours after realize!
We have a wide range of both domestic and imported products which we update regularly to provide the latest market at the best prices. Thanks to our extensive distribution network we offer our services throughout Spain and the rest of Europe. We are used to import and export mainly from many european coutries, but we also made business with Asia and America.

In our company you can find a variety of goodies geared mostly to children, who love our sweets. In addition we also have chocolate and wafers references aimed at all audiences. Moreover we evaluate our products are always tested by our management before removing them for sale to assess their quality.

We have all kinds of candy and soft candy, boiled, stuffed, lollipops, chocolate eggs and wafers. We also offer seasonal items for Halloween and Christmas.

But we have much more than Candies at DISGO, we also have lifelong toys for kids like water guns, marbles, bouncing balls, soap bubbles and tops; and trendy toys in all schools as Gogos, Zomlings, Sticky toys.

As a candy wholesaler we are able to offer a variety of products and fast and efficient transport. The next day you place your order you will have the merchandise in your store.

Access to our candy and toys catalogue and tell us of what you want to know.

Thanks for your time.

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