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Supplier of all kinds of Wholesale Sweets

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The Largest Distributor of Sweets and Candies

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Welcome to Disgo S.A.

The largest catalog of sweets, candies and toys wholesale

Disgo S.A is a family business founded in 1983 that is dedicated to the wholesale trade of sweets, sweets, candies, chocolate eggs and toys with candies, among other items. We import and distribute products from all over Europe as well as from China, and export to the whole world, especially in the European market. We have an extensive catalog aimed mainly at children, which passes the most rigorous quality controls and always offering the best market price . We also have small wholesale toys for children such as water guns, marbles, bouncing balls, soap bubbles, spinning tops, gogos, zomlings, sticky toys and many more.

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Wholesaler of all kinds of goodies ordered by reference

Sweets and Candies

Our main activity and of which we have more variety.


Nothing like Christmas to enjoy a wide assortment of goodies as a family.

Chocolate Eggs

The celebration of Easter is not complete without delicious chocolate eggs.


That would be a night of witches and pumpkins without a good assortment of sweets.

Toys with Candy

Known as Candy's toys are the most fun for children.


Wide assortment of toys for children ideal for gifts at parties.

Party Bags

Empty birthday party bags and parties ideal to fill to your liking.


Great variety of balloons of all models and colors to make your celebration special.


Spinners like those of yesteryear, a very special product that never goes out of style.

We are Official JohnyBee Distributors

Disgo S.A is the official distribution company of the JohnyBee Brand. We have all the novelties such as lollipops, dip&lick, gums, caramel sprays, roll-on, gum, compressed candies, candy gels, chocolates and many other sweets from the JonhyBee brand.



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