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Wholesale Sweets

We specialize in wholesale sweets

With stick, without stick, soft, hard, with color or without it, stuffed and endless possibilities is what offers the purchase of wholesale sweets. In fact, the variety of types of this product, can make us hesitate to choose for our business and provide it in our store.

Are you looking for a wholesale candy supplier?

Below we provide some candy features so that any merchant can know what wholesale knick-knacks request from their regular supplier:

  • Hard candies: They are the candies of all the life or candies, contain 80% of sugars on dry substance.
  • Stick candies: Known as lollipops, they are hard candies with sticks. In some cases they are filled with chewing gum or another substance in the center of the candy.
  • "Jelly Beans" or gummy candies: There is a great variety of subgroups of this type, since it also includes dragees, clouds or "foam" candies and can be presented in a thousand and one different ways (with sugar, shine, stuffings, etc.).
  • Licorice candies: They are considered a classic in the sector and can be simple or stuffed.
  • Chewing gum: It is one of the most popular trinkets and can present multiple options and varieties.
  • Other treats: Here you would include trinkets such as acid powders, colored syrups, etc.

When choosing which wholesale sweets buy from our supplier, it is important to know which ones have the most output in our business. To do this, it is best to conduct a small study prior to the request of the products, to ensure that it is invested in those that actually have output.

The important thing is to be able to choose correctly those candies or sweets that we know are successful and that therefore will provide us with a benefit to continue incorporating new features for our customers, young people and children, who tend to be much more demanding than they seem.

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